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Getting Organized

Happy Monday!  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and were able to not only have fun but also relax and be a little productive as well!  There is something about the start of a new year that makes me feel extra motivated and inspired to spruce up my organizing to help me feel more productive and efficient.  For the most part I am pretty organized but I always feel like I could be better.  Not to mention as you accumulate stuff throughout the year, take on more projects, and just get busier it is easy to not only let go of some of your organizational habits but you also just come to need more organization.  More space, an easier way to find and access the things you use every day, smart storage solutions, and did I say more space (that one is for me as anyone living in NY knows space is a premium)!

If you spent the weekend looking around your home and feeling inspired to take control of your office, kid’s rooms, etc. take a look at these fabulous storage solutions below!

I am starting with a project I completed in my own kitchen!  The space between my bathroom and kitchen is extremely narrow.  It is a bare wall but there is not enough room for any sort of furniture and even shelves may stick out a little too much.  My husband spotted these defected shelves at Ikea for $2.oo a piece (Steal!). We brought them home and painted them and hung them against the wall to serve as a more stylish backdrop for the items we use every day!

Kitchen organization

I covered some cork in fabric to create a pretty spot to keep track of invitations, to do lists, recipes, and of course some personal touches as well.  A wire basket (found at a thrift store for about $3.00) holds notebooks, magazines, and a container for keys, change, measuring tape, and any other goodies we may need to grab before running out the door.  Even in this extremely digital age I still love to write important dates on the calendar.  A nice large calendar here helps Patrick and I remember everything going on and easily make sure we are on the same page.  Just below the calendar I have a mason jar hanging from an extra drawer knob I had.  Cute and fun place to keep pens and scissors.  Extra hooks at the bottom provide some additional space to store cutting boards and some of the larger pans that do not fit in our cabinets.  Folding ladder is also from Ikea.

I feel like the medicine cabinet is one of the hardest things to organize.  Medicine bottles and hair products just seem to take over and not in an orderly way.  I love the magnetic spice jars Martha Stewart uses in the medicine cabinet below.  And adding some small shelves is brilliant to add more space by using up all of the height.

Medicine cabinet organization

I love the simplicity of this desk space and the use of the entire wall with dry erase boards, cork board, files and shelves fount at Just Be Splendid.  Shows you can have an office space pretty much anywhere!

Desk Organization

Closet space may be at a premium but BHG shows use how to add extra shelves and then coordinating file boxes to organize all of that extra stuff that you just don’t want to have out and cluttering your desks and table tops.  This would be perfect for everything from photos and keepsakes to extra batteries and toiletries.

Office Closet Organization

I love these fun desk organizers by World of Pineapple on Craftori.  Need something larger, cover paint cans!

Printed Desk Top Organizers

These Mason Jar Organizers  are such a great space saver and something you can make yourself and customize to your home’s color scheme!

Mason Jar Organization

I actually have a similar Wooden Crate that I am currently storing extra throw blankets in.  I have been wanting to get casters for it but never thought to turn it on its side and use it to organize files, paperwork, magazines, etc.

Wooden Crate Organization

I absolutely love the dual storage and seating solution found with this bench filing Cabinet from Martha Stewart.

Bench File Cabinet

These Galvanized buckets look great keeping office and craft supplies organized but I thought they would also be perfect to organize your gardening tools, seeds and anything else to help keep your thumb green!

Galvanized tin organization

Love the fresh, country feeling of these hanging baskets.  Gives you that ‘I just went to the market and picked up all of this fabulous fresh food’ feeling.  Who doesn’t want that!

Hanging Basket Organization


For those of us who do not (yet) have that extra room just for wrapping gifts this is a great behind the door storage solution, Controlling My Chaos

Wrapping Paper Organization

These individual cubbies are a great way to tackle organization without taking up too much room and you can do it yourself!  If a lot of people are sharing one bathroom, give everyone their own cubby!

Bathroom Cubby Organization

I love the added ledge above the wainscoting to give you just that extra bit of stylish storage from BHG via Beach Cottage Love

Cottage Bathroom

Apartment Therapy brings us this dreamy mudroom if you are lucky enough to have one that needs organizing!  If not, just pin it for later!

Mudroom Organization

I was so torn as to what beautiful and inspiring images to leave you with as there are so many!  Then I remembered what I long for when it comes to organization…a WALK IN CLOSET!!  Definitely not in my near future but a girl can dream!

Discovered mycrazy-beautifulife on tumblr and am in love with all of the images.  Especially this closet.

Walk In Closet

If you are fortunate enough to have a spare bedroom you can transform it into a walk in closet as  Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill (great blog!) did.

Spare Bedroom as closet 2 Spare Bedroom as Closet

I hope all of these lovely images inspire you in whatever way you want!  I would love to hear from you and some of your favorite tips on getting and staying organized!

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  1. Great Inspiration!

    January 7, 2013

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